Using Mindfulness to Reduce Chronic Symptoms

Mindfulness is one tool everyone with chronic pain or chronic symptoms should learn to use on a daily basis. The way you approach your symptoms can have a big impact on the severity of them. This study did MRI’s of participant’s brains when employing a mindful practice or listening to a book on tape while at the same time applying strong heat to induce acute pain. What they found were not only positive brain changes occurring with mindfulness, but there was a 33% reduction in pain intensity for those who were being mindful while a 20% increase in pain for those listening to a book. That’s as 53% difference in pain levels.

I have seen it in myself and others that when you can become good at applying mindfulness to chronic symptoms AND you know and belief your symptoms are not dangerous (meaning you understand they originate from a stressed brain not the body), it becomes an even more powerful tool in dialing down pain and symptoms.

Reach out if you need or want help in learning more about mindfulness and how to apply it to your symptoms. I offer individual coaching sessions or weekly group meetings where we practice mindful somatic practices for your symptoms.