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Treat Chronic Health Ailments using a Brain and Nervous System Approach

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Most chronic pain practices offer a Pain ‘Management’ program.

I offer a Chronic Pain and Chronic Health ‘Solution’ program.

Why manage chronic symptoms forever when you can start to solve them now?

The key is getting to the underlying source of the symptoms.

The source lies in the signaling of the brain and nerve pathways, while the symptoms lie in the body.

There is now a lot of science supporting the role of the brain in chronic pain and other chronic health issues.

The brain is neuro-plastic and can change, so it’s possible to reverse these long-standing conditions.

Treat the source and you can solve the problem.

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Study: Lack of identifying emotions and its role in chronic pain

One of the areas in chronic pain that's not as talked about is the role of identifying emotions and how the lack of knowing what you are feeling emotionally may emerge physically as somatic symptoms. Difficulty…

Anxiety associated with autoimmune diseases

This 2023 review study found an association between anxiety and autoimmune disorders. In fact what the meta-analysis found was that individuals experiencing anxiety were 1.28 times more likely to develop…

Mind Over Matter: How Your Perceptions Shape Your Health

Mind over matter? I found these two studies linked here very interesting as they show the power of the mind alone in affecting our health. I will talk about these in a moment. First I find it fascinating…

Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors

When I think of the brain's role in somatic symptoms, I think of three main outputs the brain can produce that will affect symptoms: 1) thoughts 2) emotions, and 3) behaviors. The brain is continually…

Emotion Regulation Strategies & the Pain Experience

I want to review this new study that came out recently (May 2024) in the Clinical Journal of Pain. The results showed how we deal with emotions in real time can have an immediate effect on our pain experience.…

Are People with Chronic Pain Overthinking the Meaning of Their Pain?

Let's look at a new 2024 research paper that reviewed and looked at the neuroscience data on the role of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) in chronic pain. The authors "suggest an updated model…

Chronic Pain Rewires Circuits in the Cortical Brain

Here'a a 2017 study from New York University that found "that chronic pain rewires circuits in a brain region called the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) to increase “aversion,” the amount of attention…

What a 20 year study tells us about Anger & bodily symptoms

Anger is a primary emotion in all humans. How couples handle it during conflict can influence which health issues we are prone to getting, according to a 20 year study from UC Berkley and Northwestern…

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn Symptoms in the Body

One way to understand how the brain can create symptoms in the body is through fight, flight, freeze, fawn nervous system reactions. These stress or trauma reactions are real but they are protective in…
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