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Simply Sit With Yourself

Getting in touch with our feelings involves stopping and sitting with ourselves. See what’s bubbling up in terms of sensations. Be Ok with that. This is allowing the expression of what you are feeling or feeling your feelings.  

Chronic Pain is an Emotion

We have more and more research showing that chronic pain involves the emotional centers of the brain. We also know anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, trauma, all can cause somatic symptoms in the body. Chronic pain that does not have a structural cause is more likely to be emotional than physical. The definition of pain is […]

The Danger is in the Brain not the Body with Chronic Pain

We know now with a lot of good science that a lot chronic pain and chronic health issues are the result of a danger or threat message from your brain not from your body. Meaning the issue is not in the tissue it is in the brain instead. The most classic and clear way of […]

Normal ‘Abnormalities’ on Imaging Scans

Here I show two infographic posters showing that many changes we see on imaging scans can just be normal age related changes we all have as we get older and not necessarily associated with pain. Like I have mentioned before a lot of chronic pain and chronic health issues can be the result of a […]

The Pain Cycle & Body’s Alarm System

I go over how the brain and nervous system (alarm system) can become the main source of chronic pain and chronic health symptoms. If you need help in overcoming your own chronic symptoms reach out by filling out a consultation request.  

What 100 Years of Fear Conditioning Research Has Taught Us

When we avoid things out of fear of pain and physical symptoms we get worse and we do less of that behavior. We need to break this and I go over the research that supports this. Reach out if you need help moving forward in your recovery. You can find me at Chronic Pain Home […]

Face Your Fears To Move Forward

In this video I talk about fear and how it can keep you stuck or push you further away from getting back to a full life. Many people with chronic pain and chronic health issues can get caught in a fear loop where the do less because of fear and subsequent symptoms. This loop will […]

Podcast Appearance on ‘Our Power is Within’ with Chazmith Newton

Made an appearance on the “Our Power is Within” podcast with Chazmith Newton talking about the mind and how it affects the body with chronic pain and what we call PPD (PsychoPhysiologic Disorders) She brings some great content around healing and the mind so check her out.   https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/our-power-is-within/id1530264924?i=1000527982091

Hip/Knee Arthritis Pain & Disability More Related to the Mind Than to the Body

Anyone wondering about knee or hip arthritis and it’s relationship to the mind vs. the body- Here I go over a recent May 2021 study which (authors quote): “confirms that limitations and pain from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee are more closely related to personal and psychological factors than to pathological and anatomical factors […]