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Is Sensitization a Driver of Your Chronic Symptoms?

The short answer is YES. In this research review article titled “The Neurobiology of Central Sensitization the researchers state: “Features of central sensitization have been identified in nearly all chronic pain conditions.” What is central sensitization? Simply as the authors put it: “Central sensitization refers to the amplification of pain by central nervous system (CNS) […]

Proving How Information Can Affect You Negatively

Check out this randomized control study  that really showed the power of information given by a doctor can have very real negative effects on the patient. This is called the nocebo effect. In this study, 44 low back pain (LBP) patients were randomized to either Group A- who had a factual explanation of their MRI […]

Emotional Awareness & Expression- Upcoming February Group Class

Emotional Awareness & Expression Therapy (EAET) has been shown in 4 different studies to be an effective treatment choice for different types of problematic physical symptoms. Dr. Howard Schubiner and Mark Lumley did this review paper on the evidence and write: ‘Four recent randomized, controlled trials of different EAET durations (1 to 8 sessions) and […]

Let it Be: Mindful Acceptance down-regulates pain & negative emotion

This is the title of a study put forth by Tor Wager, who was the lead researcher in the Boulder back pain study that showed how powerful pain re-processing therapy was in reducing chronic back pain. In this study from 2019, Wager and colleagues found that: ‘Emotion regulation using mindful acceptance was associated with reductions […]

Chronic Pain is a Central Nervous System Issue

Chronic pain and other chronic symptoms are not typically the same as acute pain or symptoms. The difference being chronic stuff is more likely to be driven the brain and nervous system (CNS) vs. the local tissues like we see with acute issues. I’ve attached a 2019 scientific review article that talks about this. Below […]

Group Sessions Continue in December

The weekly group somatic sessions roll into December starting this Wednesday from 8:30am-10am west coast California time. They will be recorded if you can’t make them live. It’s a good opportunity to learn or deepen the process of how to handle symptoms in the body. The unconscious mind is the culprit in creating most of […]

Using Mindfulness to Reduce Chronic Symptoms

Mindfulness is one tool everyone with chronic pain or chronic symptoms should learn to use on a daily basis. The way you approach your symptoms can have a big impact on the severity of them. This study did MRI’s of participant’s brains when employing a mindful practice or listening to a book on tape while […]

Interviewed by Jen Johnson @ Thought by Thought Healing

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jen Johnson at Thought by Thought Healing. I dive in a little more about why and how I transitioned from being ‘physical’ therapist to a being a more holistic mind-body coach. We then discuss emotions and how they play into physical symptoms in the body. Have a […]

Anxiety From A Different Angle

Anxiety is one of the biggest emotions I see that creates physical symptoms in the body. Anxiety feels the same as fear but the major difference we always need to remember is that anxiety is not real fear. Meaning it’s based on perceived danger vs real danger ( a car is going to run me […]

Interview On ‘The Steady Coach Channel’

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Yonit Arthur, Aud, known as ‘The Steady Coach’. We had a great discussion about the mind-body connection, emotions, and stress and how they play into physical symptoms in the body. Have a listen! I’m looking forward to interviewing Yonit in the near future about her work […]