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Catastrophizing an indendent risk factor for widespread chronic pain

A recent study this month February 2024 found ‘Pain catastrophizing appears to be an independent risk factor for progression to chronic widespread pain among patients with chronic low back pain. These findings provide a rationale for interventions aimed at reducing pain catastrophizing, including rumination, magnification, and helplessness, among patients with chronic low back pain.’ Catastrophizing […]

Forgiveness and Health

Forgiveness can be an important piece in the process for chronic symptom recovery. Forgiveness is first about releasing and expressing and offloading our anger and resentment. Holding onto anger creates internal stress in our systems as it keeps the ‘fight’ sympathetic branch of our nervous system activated. Holding onto resentment is like taking a poison […]

Stress is a neglected cause of health complaints

The role of mental and emotional stress in medicine has been by and large neglected and un-diagnosed as a primary cause of somatic symptoms and health illness in the body. Most primary health practitioners are not trained to assess and then treat stress as a factor in health conditions. It’s really incredible when here we […]

Not knowing what you’re feeling Emotionally can manifest Physically

There’s been more and more research emerging on the role of what’s called alexithymia and it’s role in health complaints in the body. Alexithymia literally means “lack of words for emotions” or is defined as the inability to recognize or describe one’s own emotions. We know emotions can play a role in the production or […]

Anxiety, Worry, & Somatic Symptoms

There is a bi-directional relationship between anxiety, worry, and functional somatic symptoms (FSS). This 2021 study  concluded that: Previous studies have shown that anxiety and FSS are associated with each other at a group level. Individuals reporting high levels of anxiety are more likely to report high levels of FSS compared to individuals with low […]

Neuroimaging of the Brain in Somatoform Disorders

I posted a few weeks back the prevalence rates of somatization or what’s called somatoform disorders is much higher than most know- upwards of 40% seen in general practice. Somatoform disorders comprise physical symptoms that are caused by neural circuit alterations in the brain vs structural issues in the body. This meta-analysis titled: ‘Stuctural neuroimaging […]

‘This Might Hurt’ Screening Plus Live Q&A Session

I’m excited to offer and to invite you to a limited time free screening of the documentary feature film This Might Hurt! The screening will be followed by a live Q&A with Jim and film producer Kent Bassett about the role of the mind in neck and back pain symptoms. An official selection of the […]

Stress and its Relationship to Autoimmune Conditions

I get a fair amount of people asking me if stress can cause or contribute to autoimmune conditions. The  short answer is yes. This study completed in 2018 found ‘that exposure to a stress-related disorder was significantly associated with increased risk of subsequent autoimmune disease, compared with matched unexposed individuals and with full siblings.’ Each […]