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The Power of Placebo Injections(Mind) on the Knee(Body)

The power of fake knee injections is real and lasting in people with knee osteoarthritis(OA). See study link below. What is this? It’s called the placebo, but it’s really the power of your mind. It is your expectations and beliefs. You can harness new expectations and beliefs right now for healing without being tricked by […]

Running is Actually Good for Your Osteoarthritic Knees

People have this belief that running is bad for their knees. And especially for knees with osteoarthritis. Well this systematic review of more than 1200 people over the age of 50 puts this belief to bed. Here is a snippet from the authors below: “Contrary to what we expected, we found little evidence to suggest […]

13 Year Follow-up Study: MRI Findings with Chronic Back Pain

2020 study that looked at the association of MRI findings and long-term disability in chronic low back pain patients over a 13 year period. The goal was to assess whether long-term disability is associated with baseline degenerative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings in patients with low back pain (LBP). Guess what? It’s not. We know […]

Relax Into Instead of Resisting or Reacting To Chronic Pain

One of the biggest issues with chronic pain and other chronic health ailments is that the sympathethic fight or flight nervous system is commonly in overdrive. We need to learn to activate the parasympathetic rest and digest branch of the nervous system for healing. I’m including a handout here that gives some perspective on how […]

No Particular Treatment is Better For Acute Low Back Pain

This was a systematic review for Acute low back pain. Basically nothing was shown to be better than the other. What it tells me is the body heals by itself, not by a certain treatment. We just need to realize that and carry on as normally as we can and give ourselves time to heal. […]

Stress: The Biggest Cause of Health Complaints No One Addresses

Stress affects us in so many ways physically. Mental and emotional stress can be invisible to us as stress itself but it’s clearly visible in the body as physical health symptoms. This is the most common way stress presents itself. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. estimates that stress accounts for […]

Spinal Manipulation/Mobilization No Better Than Placebo

New study out- randomized clinical trial for chronic low back. The placebo in this study was a cold laser machine that wasn’t even turned on!!! More evidence to show chronic pain is more likely influenced by changes in the brain and nervous system vs acute pain where there are typical changes from tissue injury. We […]

Autonomic Nervous System Implications with Pain

One of the biggest things with chronic pain that is not looked at enough is autonomic nervous system dysregulation. This means the fight or flight stressed out sympathetic nervous system is usually in overdrive while the rest and digest relaxed parasympathetic nervous system is not active enough. In laymen’s terms, the person is under stress. […]

Fear is the Fuel that Keeps the Chronic Pain Alive

New paper just out looking at fear and its relationship to pain. Fear is the fuel for continued pain. Many times when we can cut out the fuel source we can cut out the pain. One of the keys is to learn to expose yourself to what you fear and to stop avoiding things because […]

The Role of the Brain in Osteoarthritis is Bigger than You Think

Wanted to share two review studies that really show why I target the brain directly when treating chronic conditions- in this case Osteoarthritis. Both articles here are systematic review studies, which pool data from multiple studies to get a better idea of the overall impact of certain treatment effects. What we are looking at in […]