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Turning off the Amygdala Turns Off Pain

This new study really supports the approach I have here at The Pain PT- which is targeting the brain and nervous system for chronic pain relief. One of the biggest things I talk about is getting the limbic system (emotional brain) to settle down. In particular, the biggest thing I see in my patients are […]

Forgiveness Can Shift Your Brain and Your Pain

One of the things I teach with people in chronic pain is forgiveness- of others, of past hurts, and most importantly yourself and your symptoms. We have research showing how forgiveness leads to positive health effects. Here is a blurb below from an article at Johns Hopkins Medicine talking about forgiveness.  “There is an enormous […]

How Does Self-Efficacy Affect Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain?

Self-efficacy is your belief in your own abilities to deal with various situations. Wanted to share a Journal of Pain 2018 review study that compiled data from 27 previous studies on self-efficacy and the prognosis of chronic musculoskeletal pain. We need more quality studies in this area but the results are in line with what […]

The Nocebo and its Effects on Your Health

I see the Nocebo effect in so many of my chronic pain and chronic health patients. It’s not talked about as much as it should, even though we have solid research it plays a big part in health symptoms. The nocebo, as mentioned in the article below, is the “sibling with a dark side” to […]

More On The Power of Beliefs

I have never forgotten a quote I read years ago that said: ‘What you believe is what your life will be.’ I wanted to share this study from Stanford which shows how beliefs directly impact physiology. Just by telling people they had a certain gene for obesity or exercise tolerance (which was not true) caused […]

Beliefs Are Numero Uno for Changing Your Brain

Nice summary in link below by Dr. Siegel from Harvard about the power of the placebo. What is the placebo: Your beliefs. With chronic pain that doesn’t go away, we know the brain has been shown to be a big part of persistent pain. When I work with chronic issues, one the first things I […]

What do IBS, chronic widespread pain, & chronic fatigue have in common?

Irritable bowel, chronic widespread pain, chronic fatigue and related syndromes are prevalent and highly overlapping in the general population. This is the title of a new 2020 study, which just reaffirms what we know here- these issues should not be seen as separate medical conditions but together as part of one condition, which the researchers […]

Is flexing your spine to lift a risk factor for low back pain?

Research evidence in 9 of 11 studies show that lifting with a flexed (bent over) spine is NOT a risk factor for low back pain. We need more studies but what the current research says falls in line with common sense. The back is designed to flex forward. We need to relax the spine more […]

3 Game Changing Concepts of Pain

Great to see more and more awareness coming forth in our PT profession about the understanding of pain, how we think about it, and how we treat it. Recent Feb 2020 article titled: What have Pain Sciences brought to Physiotherapy (PT)? Results: “Scientific research on pain has largely converged in support of three ‘game-changing’ concepts […]