Repressed Emotions & Physical Symptoms

Here is an article describing how repressed emotions can affect us and also cause physical somatic symptoms. It’s something I see in my practice and something many of you will relate to as well. What happens with repressed emotions is quite interesting and many times missed by the person experiencing physical symptoms and also the practitioner treating the patient.

With emotional repression, the person under stress will automatically have physical symptoms without any awareness that they are having emotions rising. It’s different from suppression, where a person knows what they are feeling but chooses to hold the emotion in.  With repression, people get tricked into thinking there may something happening physically or structurally in the body. They focus, talk about, and treat physical symptoms as physical issues without any understanding the cause may be emotional.

Be on the lookout for this happening in you. It is something I assess for with standardized testing, a good history to see how and when symptoms started, and the emotional style the person has developed over their lifetime.