Become a CEO to Reduce Your Risk of Anxiety & Symptoms

Those who follow me know I am big fan of the science supporting the work I do to help people heal from chronic health conditions. I love it when the title of a complex brain study says exactly what we need to do to help us heal. The title of this study is: ‘Prefrontal Executive Control Rescues Risk for Anxiety Associated with High Threat and Low Reward Brain Function.’ I’ve posted before about how anxiety is one of the biggest causes of somatic symptoms in the body. This study tells us how the prefrontal cortex is instrumental in controlling or down-regulating anxiety, which in turn would down-regulate physical symptoms associated with anxiety. 

The authors state: ‘Our findings are consistent with the importance of top-down executive control in adaptive regulation of negative emotions, and highlight a unique combination of neural biomarkers that may identify at-risk individuals for whom the adoption of strategies to improve executive control of negative emotions may prove particularly beneficial.’

This is something I really have come to focus on with the treatment I offer. I teach people how to start to gain executive control or become a CEO in themselves to overcome not only anxiety but the associated physical symptoms that go with it. It is a strategy that is supported by the science so it gives us the evidence and confidence that it works!  We all have these brain pathways present in us. We just have to learn how to activate them and use them to help us heal!!