Feeling your Feelings Creates Healing

One of the things you know I talk about is the overlap between emotions and pain or physical symptoms. The very definition of pain has the word ’emotional’ in it. All physical pain or symptoms activates the emotional brain. Other times we know the emotional brain itself can activate physical pain or symptoms in the body. There is overlap in the brain where emotional and physical pain activate similar brain regions.

Physical pain and emotional pain are both felt as feelings in the body. Feelings are made up of physical sensations that we label as symptoms. The thing is a lot of pain, especially chronic pain and chronic symptoms are really just emotional feelings that we mistakenly think are physical symptoms due to a structural cause. This misunderstanding is one of the biggest things missed in modern medicine.

So once structural injuries are ruled out, we are likely dealing with emotional injuries where the feelings (symptoms) in the body need to be processed in a completely different way. Instead of trying to stop or fix physical structural pain, we want to feel emotional pain. It’s the exact opposite approach and is why we have gotten so mixed up in understanding and treating these conditions. We need to feel it to heal it when we are dealing with emotional symptoms.

I am excited to be starting my weekly group sessions next week where we are going to focus on working with symptoms from the emotional side. We will learn how to feel our feelings for healing. It is going to be an ongoing weekly group where we build understanding and capacity or what’s called the window of tolerance to hold a space in ourselves to feel our feelings for healing chronic symptoms.

Head over to my website to learn more or sign up. You can join at any time. The sessions will be recorded and sent to you if you cannot make them live. There will be some time to answer questions as well from the group. The cost will be $150 a month or prorated for that month if you join during the month. I am hoping to build a community of healing and support where we can all work together as a group to hold the collective space for our own healing and the healing of others!