‘Worried Sick’- How Anxiety Causes Symptoms

I see a lot of people with what is being called ‘Worried Sick’. It’s where health anxiety (fear) is the driving force behind symptoms. Excessive worry, hypervigilance, combined with being an empathatic and highly sensitive person (HSP) can lead to a multitude of physical symptoms that are actually just health anxiety. Anxiety is the cause not anything physical.

Many people have sensitive mirror neurons in the brain that can resonate with something we pick up from our senses- like something we read or hear and if you combine that with heightened anxiety or worry, it can create or blow up a benign physical sensation into a full blown perceived physical health issue.

Its important to identify this and is something I look for in the people I work with. The great news with ‘worried sick’ symptoms is there is nothing wrong! We just need to work with the brain to make some changes and people get better.