The Natural Course of Healing

Natural healing happens with time no matter what treatment you have, unless your pain goes chronic. I have known this for awhile as a PT (physiotherapist). I can’t take credit for healing, the body heals itself. In this case, this research review covers low back pain and spans 15 years in 18 different countries and over 100 studies. The bottom line is it’s not the type of treatment that heals the person, it’s the natural course of healing in the body that heals the pain. With chronic pain, it’s these other factors (brain and nervous system related) that usually keep the body in pain. This is what we look at here at The Pain PT. Acute low back pain is easy to heal as it does so on its own. Chronic pain (pain lasting longer than 6 months) is more complex and we need to look at the psychosocial factors that are impeding the biological cessation of pain- ie a bio-psycho-social approach to pain.