The Key To Taming Chronic Pain is Learning to How to Reduce Stress

The one common denominator with chronic pain and other chronic health problems is an inability to activate the parasympathetic nervous system for long enough periods of time. Basically this means our nervous system is over-stressed and we are in a sympathetic fight or flight state. So the answer is to learn how to relax or mind and body so we can enter that rest and digest more often. This leads to healing. People think that by watching tv, gaming, searching the web, instagraming, facebooking and doing other distraction type things they are relaxing. This is not true. See the articles below.

The way to relaxation and de-stressing is not more mental stimulation or tuning out- it’s actually tuning into ourselves and calming our mind and body. This involves consciously activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This is done through meditation, mindfulness, stillness practice, exercise, self-awareness, conscious body relaxation, etc. These are all active not passive measures and involve activating certain parts of our brain, which then turn on and off a whole host of chemicals in the body. Have a read below to get another take on this.