Rebecca Tolin: From Healing to Helping Others Heal

I had the pleasure of catching up with Rebecca Tolin, who has not only recovered from her own debilitating chronic fatigue, but has since gone on to helping others heal as a mind-body coach.  Rebecca is currently launching a 8 week ‘Be Your Own Medicine’ group course that starts Sept. 22nd. I’m really excited about it as what she teaches is the core of healing! If you are suffering from mind-body symptoms (TMS) and are looking for a comprehensive understanding of how to heal I highly recommend this course.

Click the link below to learn more or to sign up!

Registration for Be Your Own Medicine is open until September 20th and we begin on September 22nd! It’s an 8-week live, group course that lays out the foundations and practices to recover from mind-body symptoms (TMS), including chronic fatigue, chronic pain, brain fog, insomnia, interstitial cystitis and digestive issues. I share a 10-page guidebook called Free from Fatigue, born of my own recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome and from helping clients and students overcome CFS, Long Covid and other post-viral symptoms. The course also includes two sleep guides, to help people with insomnia. 
We’ll share the how-to heal from persistent symptoms in a systematic and supportive process! Here’s a testimonial from someone who took the previous version of this course, which I’ve updated over the past year:

“Honestly, I love the course and wish I had been “prescribed” this years ago. I have done DNRS, ANS Rewire, and watched all of the Curable workshop videos and have read Dr. Schubiner’s 30-day self study program on my own prior to this course. This course has hands-down been the most comprehensive and helpful of all of these. I have better physical stamina and much fewer physical symptoms after challenging myself with activity, workouts, etc. I can keep up with my kids!”

—Elizabeth, Veterinarian

Here’s a testimonial from a former client who’s now assisting us with the course:

“Rebecca I’m never going to be able to thank you enough!!! I have lived more in the past month than I have in 2 years, after being diagnosed with ME/CFS as a result of Covid-19. At points, my headaches and fatigue restricted me from talking, listening, or even watching TV. Your recovery interview, all the information you share on your website and talking to you have 100% been what has turned things around for me. I’m having to pinch myself a bit, almost feels too good to be true. But now that I understand what has caused my symptoms it’s so much easier not to be afraid of them. I’m living again and being a Mum!”

—Jenny M, Occupational Therapist