No Particular Treatment is Better For Acute Low Back Pain

This was a systematic review for Acute low back pain. Basically nothing was shown to be better than the other. What it tells me is the body heals by itself, not by a certain treatment. We just need to realize that and carry on as normally as we can and give ourselves time to heal. When it comes to Chronic pain- pain that should have healed but hasn’t then we have to look deeper at the brain and nervous system influence as body tissues typically heal in a certain biological timeframe. The exceptions are serious tissue pathology where full recovery may not happen like a severed nerve, full muscle tear, stroke, tumor, severe joint damage. But for most non-serious pathology, the body does a great job of repairing itself on its own timeline regardless of what treatment you throw at it. 

Quote from Study: “No important difference in pain or disability was evident when exercise therapy was compared with sham ultrasound, nor for the comparators usual care, spinal manipulative therapy, advice to stay active, and educational booklet. Neither McKenzie therapy nor stabilization exercise yielded any important difference in effects compared with other types of exercise therapy.”