More On The Power of Beliefs

I have never forgotten a quote I read years ago that said: ‘What you believe is what your life will be.’

I wanted to share this study from Stanford which shows how beliefs directly impact physiology. Just by telling people they had a certain gene for obesity or exercise tolerance (which was not true) caused substantial effects in the body. Here’s some quotes from the article:

“Those who were told they had a version of the gene that made them less prone to obesity actually performed better after the second meal. They produced two and a half times more of the fullness hormone, even though the meal was identical to the one they’d eaten the week before.”

“By contrast, people told they had a gene that made them respond poorly to exercise then went on to do much worse on a challenging treadmill test. Their lung capacity was reduced, they were less efficient at removing carbon dioxide, and they quit the treadmill test sooner.”

What do you believe about your chronic health condition? The truth is it’s either helping or hurting you. ***Just like this study a lot of what we are told by doctors about chronic pain is not even true***