Making Changes in Your Subconscious System To Heal

This article really encapsulates many aspects of my mind-body treatment program for chronic pain and chronic health ailments. As Dr. Sarno states in his best selling books, we are talking about the subconscious mind here. The subconscious mind includes any thoughts, feelings, and tensions in your body that go underneath your conscious awareness. This includes your autonomic nervous system, which works beneath the radar to control breathing, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. To get to your subconscious system, you have to build conscious awareness. Awareness is the first step to change and allows you to identify your mental, emotional, and physical patterns. Once you become aware, then you can take the second step of changing and influencing your subconscious system, so that over time it starts to operate differently. This is the road out of pain and other health ailments that just won’t go away or don’t go away with traditional medicine or many types of treatments.