Let the Body Do It’s Thing

This article highlights what I have felt for a long while- the body knows what its doing so let it do it. In this case, researchers are finding out ice is not really helpful for injuries. In fact it may be doing more harm than good! The body does what it does to help us, not to hurt us. We have to understand that swelling, pain, fever, etc are the body’s natural ways to help us heal. Yet we don’t want to accept and allow that. Look at the opioid crisis, the amount of over the counter medicines, etc. There is a whole industry trying to stop the body from doing its thing. In the case of chronic pain, we need to learn to accept and allow the pain to move through us, and understand that it is a signal to us to learn to RELAX- relax the body and mind- we are too tense, too tight, too stressed, too worried etc. Trust your body, it knows what it’s doing!!!