Anxiety the cause of many physical symptoms

Anxiety is probably the biggest thing I see in my practice that causes physical somatic symptoms in the body that are not originating from a physical structural cause. The symptom list is vast, check out the anxiety centre link below and the others to see what physical symptoms anxiety can produce.

Anxiety is a brain and nervous system condition so our treatment is focused there instead of on the symptoms in the body. Anxiety is like fear but the difference is it’s not real fear. Anxiety is based on a perceived danger or threat. This could be anything from a person, a place, a memory, an emotion, an activity, or countless other things that set off the danger signal in the brain and a symptom in the body.

The goal is to first recognize your symptoms are anxiety. When we do that, it’s great news as there is nothing wrong in the body. We can proceed forward. We need to then challenge anxiety by facing the things we are afraid of while letting the anxiety symptoms run their course through you. Sometimes it’s returning to things you have stopped because of symptoms. Other times we need to look under anxiety and see what it’s about at the core or look at other deeper emotions hiding under anxiety like anger (rage) and sadness. Either way we are exposing what we are anxious about and not being afraid to confront it. This is how we will heal anxiety symptoms in the body.