Emotions of Anger & Sadness Amplify Pain

Wanted to review a study here showing the impact of emotions on physical symptoms like pain. What the study found was:

Conclusion. The experience of both anger and sadness amplifies pain in women with and without fibromyalgia. A stronger emotion-induced pain response was associated with more emotional reactivity. No convincing evidence was found for a larger sensitivity to anger and sadness in women with fibromyalgia than in women without fibromyalgia, or for a larger sensitivity to anger than to sadness in fibromyalgia. The occurrence of anger and sadness appears to be a general risk factor for pain amplification.

So anger and sadness have been shown to increase physical symptoms like pain. This links emotions to symptoms. Psychological to the physical. Emotions are one of the primary treatment areas I focus on with chronic physical symptoms because of the research coming out linking the amygdala (center of emotions) with physical symptoms in the body.