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The Pain PT

Jim Prussack Jr. MPT, MMT

I’m a licensed physical therapist (PT) and have been practicing PT for the last 20 years. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from University of Richmond, VA in 1995 and my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 1998. I went on to pursue a subsequent Masters Degree in Manual Therapy from Curtin University in Perth, Australia in 2001.

I have treated many orthopedic and neurological conditions over the years but by far the most challenging and perplexing have been the chronic pain cases. I wanted to understand what made persistent pain different from other types of pain. It really started in 2001 when learning about the biology of pain while completing my degree in Australia.

Over the last number of years I’ve continued my education throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia to learn and train with many of today’s leaders in the chronic pain field:  Dr. Peter O’Sullivan, Dr. Lorimer Moseley, David Butler, and Dr. Sarno protégés Dr. Schubiner and Georgie Oldfield PT.

I treat patients via phone, Skype, and email support, as well as offering mobile visits in the San Diego area.

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